Phil Weinholtz Enhancing multimedia, technology and communication strategies for organizations and professionals. Online portfolio



Development and design


Logos and marketing


Video and photography

Adobe Creative Suite - 10+ Years

 Photoshop - 10+ Years
 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - 5+ Years
WordPress - 5+ Years
 UI/UX Design/Development - 5+ Years
Design - 10+ Years
Agile & Scrum - 3+ Years
HTML5 & CSS3 - 8+ Years
Business Leadership & Organizational Development - 6+ Years
Project Management - 8+ Years
Drupal - 3+ Years
PHP - 5+ Years
 JavaScript - 5+ Years
Joomla - 3+ Years



A three-semester visiting lecture role at Capital Community College, teaching web development in the Computer Science department.

Scripting Language with Javascript: CST 200 (2016)
Fundamentals of Javascript
Capital Community College, Hartford, CT


Fundamentals of Internet Programming: CST 258 (2015)
PHP, MySQL, Database Development, FTP and Server Management
Capital Community College, Hartford, CT


Web Graphics: CSA 220 (2015)
Adobe Create Suite, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, CSS3
Capital Community College, Hartford, CT





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